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Sciengate Automation Malaysia offers the wireless solution of Monitor Human Body Temperature for hospitals, building entry, small shops. Even for laboratory monitoring or medical monitoring.

Highly recomend because it's rapid, automatic, flexible, non-invasive and cost-effective Wireless IR Sensor for human body temperature screening.


The BeanDevice® 2.4GHz ONE-TIR-MED is a wireless temperature IR sensor with medical precision (±0.2°C). It comply with ASTM standard Section 5.3 (Designation E1965 - 98(2009) - Standard Specification for Infrared Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature).
This device is designed for human body temperature screening, mostly for forehead temperature screening.
This product is extremely easy to use and doesn’t need a cable for data communication neither for sensor power supply as it’s battery powered and data are transmitted wirelessly to an eco-friendly real-time software (BeanScape®).
The device comes with two intuitive LEDS ; a first led is showing if the human body measurement was done correctly and a second Led displays if a  fever is detected.
The refresh rate is setup at 10seconds by default but it can be changed by the user from the software.
Three levels of Alarms notifications are available ( Alert, Action and Alarm), and emails notifications can be generated by the  for each Alarm level.
The BeanDevice® 2.4GHz ONE-TIR-MED  is suitable for the following applications:
• Human Body Temperature Screening for hospitals, building entry, small shops
 Laboratory Monitoring
• Medical Monitoring


Rapid, Automaticflexiblenon-invasive and cost-effective Wireless IR Sensor for human body temperature screening :

  • RapidBy default an automatic temperature reading is done every 10 seconds and it can be adjusted from 4s to 24h from an intuitive supervision software (BeanScape®).
  • Automatic: As the temperature reading is done automatically, there is no need to dedicate a person to make the measurement. Exposure to bacteria and virus will be limited, and time is saved for more urgent tasks. Patient/individual need to position his forehead in front of the sensor head and read the two information LEDS (Measurement Good/Wrong followed by Results OK/Fever). Temperature readings are transmitted remotely to an intuitive Real-time supervision software, an email/sound alarm notification can be created if a fever is detected.
  • Flexible: The modular and articular sensor arm can be adjusted to individual/patient morphology. The standard device comes with a sensor arm length of 18 cm and can be extended to 1 meter (optional).
  • Non-invasive: As this device is using a non-contact IR Temperature technology there is a negligible risk of cross-infection, neither disinfection nor disposable probe covers are needed.
  • Cost-effective: This device is 20-30 times less expensive and more accurate than thermal camera (±0.5°C up to ±1°C of precision) and can be widely used in small shops and offices.

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