Let us help you to monitor your machines remotely and securely 2
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Shop floor activity has hit its lowest level since the crisis. Learn how remote monitoring solutions can help your factory maintain efficiency during this crisis.Remote monitoring provides factories with an excellent tool for reducing the number of employees on the shop floor while enabling facilities to integrate the work from home policy that defines this period.
Remote monitoring enables social distancing within shop floors by limiting the number of operators and attendants coming to work.The services remote monitoring systems provide are only as efficient as the data they collect from production equipment. This makes setting up a data collection and processing system the first step to initiating remote monitoring processes.

What are the benefits of Pro-face Remote Monitoring?

  • Low initial cost
  • Easy to setup
  • Information at Your Fingertips
  • Data Reliability Proactive maintenance
  • Reduce Downtime Improved efficiencies

How much for the price?

Low initial cost of RM 99 to RM 2999 (terms and conditions apply)

Who should get it?

Engineers or managers who not available in factory but needs real time data of production floor to make decision or discussion.

When should it be implement?

Now. Due to MCO. All factory only 50% work force are allowed to work. The rest have to work from home. With remote monitoring system simple setup you can remotely monitor your production with ease.

Why Proface Remote Monitoring?

Because it is easy to use, low cost, fast implementation. Most suitable for current Malaysia situation on Covid19 pendemic.

How it’s works (example)?

Sample Application

Let us help you to monitor your machines remotely and securely 1

Pro-face Connect - IoT solution for remote access

Pro-face Remote HMI