Pro-face IoT Gateway 2

What is Pro-face IoT Gateway?

  • Collect data relaying one device to another!
  • No serial port available. Unable to extend. No data collection expected.
  • Pro-face IoT Gateway relays data communication between HMI and PLC! No port needs to be available! No need of changing programs!
  • The stable design that retains communication of connected devices even when Pro-face IoT Gateway is powered off.

Pro-face IoT Gateway 1

When is Pro-face IoT Gateway useful?​

  • Connecting without changing programs of HMI and PLC.
  • Collecting data with communication of the existing equipment retained.

Where can Pro-face IoT Gateway be deployed?

  • Any manufacturing site and remote installation
  • Connectivity via internet

How the Pro-face IoT Gateway collecting a data?

  • Collecting data : Save data in a SD card as a CSV file.
  • Transferring data to a PC : Specify PC folders as a storage with the FTP client feature supported.
  • Sharing collected data with DB : Collect data in a wide variety of forms including Excel. * Data Management Software Pro-Server EX is required.

Why you should consider the Pro-face IoT Gateway?

Proface (2)
  • Gateway Feature : Keep the communication between HMI and PLC once GP-4G01 is power down.
  • Share data FTP client  : Share data to PC without using any dedicated software.
  • Remote monitoring of equipment : Information collected in the gateway can review from HMI.
  • Pro-face IoT solution software compatible : Supported by Pro-face IoT software, Easy to monitor and get data sharing from PC and remote devices
  • Browser setting : Confirm information and configure settings of the main unit through a Web browser