Data logging & monitoring


What is Data Logging and Real-time Data Monitoring?

Sciengate Automation Malaysia solution offer data logger for Real-Time Analysis technology from Beanair and Delphin that can help to improve the productivity of operation in production. BeanAir and Delphin technology offers great reliability, versatility, maintainability and easy to deploy for Data Logging and Real-time Data Monitoring.Data logging is the collection of data over a period of time, and is something often used in scientific experiments. Many users try to upgrade their data collection system into automatically instead of manually record down the value from time to time. Data logging systems typically monitor a process using sensors linked to a controller or computer. Most data logging can be done automatically under computer control.

Real-time data monitoring (RTDM) is a process through which an administrator can review, evaluate and modify the addition, deletion, modification and use of data on software, a database or a system. It enables data administrators to review the overall processes and functions performed on the data in real time, or as it happens, through graphical charts and bars on a central interface/dashboard.