What is Andon in Manufacturing Line? 1

Andon is an efficient tool for creating awareness of and enabling timely action on disturbances in the production line.

The word Andon is Japanese, and its origins come from the use of traditional lighting equipment made out of paper and bamboo that was commonly used as a fire burning lamp.


How Andon is used in manufacturing line?

  1. Video Wall: display out all information of production’s Targets, actual, Balance, Progress, Line stop, call stop, Emergency stop status and locations, Top defects, current and next model, Stoppage time.
  2. Improve transparency: Encourage immediate reaction to quality, down time, and safety problems.
  3. Increase productivity: Bring immediate attention to problems as they occur in the manufacturing process.
  4. Strengthen flexibility: Improve accountability of operators by increasing their responsibility for good production and empowering them to take action when problems occur.
  5. Reduce downtime: Improve the ability of supervisors/operators to quickly identify and resolve manufacturing issues.
  6. Save costs and time: Provide a simple and consistent mechanism for communicating information on the plant floor.
  7. Traceability: All information is recorded down for future trace, analysis and future improvement.

What are the types of Andon?

There are two types of andon:

  1. Manual: A manual type is activated manually by the employee or operator on the assembly line by either pulling a cord or pressing a static button.

Figure 1 : Andon cord


Figure 2 : Andon button

2. Automatic: Automatic andon are activated automatically on the conveyor when specific criteria that are assigned on the assembly line is lacking or not met.


Figure 3: Andon cord with multiple stations

What are the benefits of Andon System?

  1. Makes the state and condition of manufacturing processes easily accessible and very clear – to everyone.
  2. It helps the industry guide, monitor and ensure productivity.
  3. Andon boards double as early warning devices.
  4. Andon boards can be use in manufacturing, inventory management, storage, receiving, picking and shipping.

Andon cords and their significance


Production Process "Andon" System

This system helps to build Andon Systems, visual information boards of each process, used to indicate production status of each process in factories.

Andon Systems visualize status information of each process from collected data from PLCs in control of production information.

Example Systems Diagram


How can sciengate help your team to setup an andon system?​

  1. Consultation services to identify your production needs. Call us for a free consultation.
  2. Wide varieties of tools and gadgets for implementing andon solutions at affordable price. From wired to wireless solution.
  3. Taylor made apps for visualisation of andon system.
  4. We provide solutions for cell based and line based manufacturing process.