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LCM system with a load cell range that starts with capacities from 25g to over 1000 tonnes, we have the expertise to provide you with the right load cell solution for your specific requirements.

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Load Cells for Sub Sea, Heavy Duty and Marine Application Stories (1)

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2 Tonne Submersible Load Shackle

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Shipped this week was this 2 tonne submersible load shackle that will be used to monitor the forces on a wire rope. The load shackle will be attached to anchors/bolts installed in the ground on a causeway that is prone to flooding, and the wire rope attached to a vehicle in order to determine the force of the water flow.

Based on our standard SHK-B range, the design has been adapted to achieve IP68 environmental sealing to make it suitable for submersion under water. 


4.75te Load Shackles for Subsea Research Project

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These 4.75 tonne rated submersible shackles have been purchased by the Australian Science Agency and will be used for a research project that requires them to be deployed for 12 months subsea to monitor the tension on a deep water mooring array that is being used for monitoring ocean currents.

They have been manufactured with SubConn connectors and are suitable for permanent use at depths up to 4500m.


Dual Bridge Load Pins for Hoist Load Monitoring

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These 400klbf (178 tonne) rated stainless steel load pins will be installed in a hoist to provide load monitoring and overload protection. They feature two independant strain gauge bridges and cable exits for additional protection/assurance, as the load pin output can be immediately switched to the second bridge in the unlikely event of an issue being identified with the first bridge. 

They also feature integral amplifiers to provide a 4-20mA output for simple PLC integration.


ATEX/IECEx Tension & Compression Load Cell for Oil Well Application

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These ATEX/IECEx certified tension and compression load cells have been shipped to a company in Canada that specialises in the manufacture of injectors for oilfield applications. The load cells will be installed in coil tubing injectors, which are used to provide the surface drive force to run and retrieve coil tubing in and out of oil wells. The use of load cells will allow real-time monitoring of the forces required for the insertion and retrieval of the coil tubing.

Manufactured from stainless steel and suitable for use in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas, the load cells have an integral amplifier to provide a 4-20mA output. They have been calibrated to 10,000lbf (4.5te) in tension and 20,000lbf (9te) in compression.


6.5 tonne Cabled Load Shackles

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Ready to ship to our US distributors, Interface Inc, are these 6.5 tonne rated SHK-B cabled load shackles. Part of our standard range, the requirement was for 24 units with optional M12 connectors. Perfect for lifting/weighing in rugged and harsh environments, these load shackles are available in load ratings from 1 tonne to over 1000 tonnes, and can be customised to suit specific applications, including ATEX/IECEx hazardous area certified, amplified outputs, submersible and supplied with full 3.2 material certification. 

If you have an upcoming requirement for load monitoring, please make sure you contact our sales team at info@lcmsystems.com, who can offer help and advice on the best solution to meet your needs.


10 tonne TCA Tension & Compression Load Cells

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The TCA tension and compression load cell is part of our standard range, and we have manufactured these special 10 tonne versions for a US customer. They had very strict material usage requirements as the load cells will be used in a salt water coastal environment. With that in mind we switched to 15-5 PH stainless steel due to its high resistance to stress corrosion cracking. The customer also requested the addition of lugs at both ends of the load cell to allow them to fit lock wires. 

At LCM Systems we are happy to adapt our standard designs to suit a particular requirement or can design custom products to meet exact specifications. 


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