New Radar Sensor Technology for Liquid and Solids Level Measurement

New EchoBeam is Reliable, Simple, Flexible and Maintenance-Free

Introduction and Benefits of EchoBeam

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EchoBeam Applications

New Radar Sensor Technology for Liquid and Solids Level Measurement


EchoBeam Radar Level Sensor

Flowline proudly introduces EchoBeam, the latest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of field-proven level measurement solutions. EchoBeam 80 GHz radar level sensors reliably measure liquid or solids, are available in four complimentary models to satisfy diverse requirements, and are wirelessly configured or inspected via our intuitive LevelTap App and secure Bluetooth. Install today and sleep well tonight.

Benefits of EchoBeam

EchoBeam provides exceptional performance advantages including measurement reliability, accuracy, beam width and dead band. Reliability Foam Accuracy Dead Band Beam Width Condensation Temp Wind Rain Dust Corrosive Agitation EchoBeam Brochure Icons


Level and flow measurement reliability is the core of EchoBeam, built from Flowline’s 80 GHz radar technology and proven level expertise.


EchoBeam provides accurate and repeatable liquid and solids level or open channel flow measurement in one device.

Beam Width

EchoBeam delivers reliable measurement in challenging outdoor applications under varying temperatures, precipitation and wind.

Dead Band

EchoBeam has a zero dead band which maximizes the available fill capacity or alarm set point height in small tanks or bins.


LevelTap™ App

With the LevelTap App, users can easily connect to EchoBeam radar level sensors via Bluetooth, view level or flow information, configure and adjust settings or set up advanced functions, all from the palm of your hand. Download LevelTap below.


The information screen displays the measured value, summarizes the model type and build, and provides access to the configuration menu for each sensor.



Step-by-step configuration easily walks you through typical sensor setup with clear illustration, definition and pull down menu prompts for each step.



Advanced functions include volumetric tank level or open channel flow configuration, and tools such as EchoCurve to address unique scenarios.


Quick Adjust

Quick adjust allows authorized users to swiftly access, review and modify an existing sensor configuration from the ground or nearby cat-walk.



LevelTap utilizes pair code authentication with user defined write protect to securely access and configure compatible devices over Bluetooth.


Download App Now!

Download your free LevelTap App at the Apple Store or Google Play, register and go to Demo Sensors. There you can view and interact with configuration examples prior to sensor purchase.

EchoBeam Applications



EchoBeam measures tanks of all shapes, sizes and materials from bulk storage to process vessels to wastewater treatment, and everything in between.



EchoBeam measures below grade sumps or reservoirs, such as sewer or storm lift stations, industrial or commercial sumps and lakes, canals or rivers.



EchoBeam measures open channel flow volumes in standard weir or flume structures in municipal, industrial and agricultural flow applications.



EchoBeam measures pellet, grain, powder and aggregate solids in silos, bins or stockpiles of all types, from tall dusty cement silos to small process bins.

EchoBeam level and flow applications are extensive, and include a wide range of tanks, sumps, reservoirs, lakes, canals, rivers, silos, bins, stockpiles, weirs and flumes.

Customer Support

For more information about our Level measurement and monitoring solution, get in touch with a member of the team, call us now on Penang Office 04-399 7522 or Petaling Jaya 03-7804 7522.