Getting fast and accurate data in real time is becoming a big theme in Industrial 4.0. Discover your hidden losses with Fullfact’s OEEToolkit.

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What is OEE?

OEE (1982) stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. On the one hand it is the standard to calculate machine effectiveness and manufacturing productivity, but moreover it álso shows how effectiveness got lost. This feature is unique and makes OEE a vital element of all serious improvement strategies for manufacturing-processes, including TPM and Lean Manufacturing.

For whom is OEE?

OEE is a methodology for operators, mechanics, team leaders, shopfloor- and production managers and continuous improvement managers to give focussed direction and keep control over productivity-improvement. OEE creates high acceptance for different departments to take part and work together to commonly create a successful factory.

Why Overall Equipment Effectiveness?

Every split second where a cork is hit on a bottle, the bottle has become a higher value. Factories are all about such successful cycles on all those machines involved. OEE studies exactly show those moments on the spot where it happens: at the machine, the moment it happens. Or not. Both is being captured. This makes it thé essential measure for management and staff services that wish to know which conditions to create in order to thrive production effectiveness from bottom up, setting targets and conditions top-down.

Very actionable

OEE shows spot-on where to take what action, in order to improve volume, quality, cost and predictability of production.

Common goals

OEE provides common goals between different disciplines and its management.

Universal language

Proper OEE Software is a communication tool, a universal language, so different disciplines and hierarchies can cooperate in a focussed way to make improvements.

Right priorities

OEE helps to make the right and pro-active decisions where priorities need to be set, based on actual and correct data.

Improve quality of life

By addressing stress causing losses, OEE can improve quality of life of employees and strengthens team spirit, both for operators and executives… when used properly.


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