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Software for Manufacturing Analytix in Real Time (SMART) 4.0 is a fully customizable and adaptable solution where customers require insight into what is happening in their shop floor. SMART 4.0 addresses the demand of manufacturer to have increase productivity and efficiency inline with one of the pillars of Industrial 4.0

SMART 4.0 comprises of the following Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Hybrid Andon Calling System, Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Workflow Digitalisation.

SMART 4.0 are available as an on-premise or cloud based installation.

With over 15 years of experience in solving manufacturer’s data connectivity, we have come a long way in creating SMART 4.0 platform that uses the latest technology in IOT.

Architecture SMART 4.0

SMART 4.0 2

Dashboard SMART 4.0

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Dynamic dashboard3

Benefits SMART 4.0

  • Reduce operating cost
  • Gain insight into machine operation conditions
  • Improve response time
  • Eliminate wastage and improve productivity

Features SMART 4.0

  • Monitor and reports machine usage, conditions and losses.
  • Notification and alerts via email or popular messaging APP to alert key personnel on issues related to machines.
  • Do away with traditional paper work. Smart 4.0 user interface can be adapted to mobile, or tablet environment. Production target/achieve quantity, machine stoppage reasons can be entered into the system.
  • Automatic or on demand report can be generated and distributed to the management.
  • Web based dashboard display provides stunning and clear results to be shared with operators and management. Fast response to any abnormality can be identified and resolve. Data’s are updated in real-time.


  • A system to alert and provide clear visualization of the machine condition
  • Request from the operator can be shown on a customize dashboard
  • Tracks Availability, Performance and Quality of the shopfloor
  • Minimize production delays or machine downtime. Improve Respond Time between operational departments

SMART 4.0 Building Blocks:

SMART 4.0 consist of the following modules:

Dynamic dashboard

SMART 4.0 3Collaborate and share shop floor information across various departments. Aligns objective and goals easily with clear representation of expectation and results.

Analytix and Reporting Engine

SMART 4.0 4Supports key decision makers with insight full data from the shopfloor. Identify operation baseline, daily, weekly trends, key losses and many more. User defined reporting that can be publish, shared and digitally documented.

User Interface

SMART 4.0 5Customized web based user interface for parameter, machine, production and maintenance entry or remarks

Data Storage

SMART 4.0 6Distributed or centralized database engine. Uses MS SQL or Postgresql as standard. Different SQL can be accommodated upon request.

Data Acquisition Module

SMART 4.0 7Interface to machine directly using serial, Ethernet or Wireless Solution. Reads machine information on demand or in real-time


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CNC Machine

filling machine
Filling Machine
stamping machine

Stamping Machine

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