Delphin Technology

Do you need to record measurement data? Monitor a process? Automate a test stand? Observe vibrations? Whether your requirements in measurement and testing technology are simple or complex, we have the matching product! To meet your measurement and testing needs Delphin Technology has universal measurement data acquisition devices, software and tailor-made engineering technology. We will be glad to advise you and work with you to develop a cutting-edge measurement and testing system!

Measuring and testing devices

Delphin develops, produces and sells measuring, testing and automation devices for applications in the fields of measurement, test stand and monitoring. Various series of devices, for different tasks enable our customers to find the right solution for your task quickly and efficiently.


ProfiSignal is a classic, windows-based standard tool for measurement/process data acquisition, test stand automation and measurement technology. Its areas of application range from basic data archiving, visualising processes and fully automated systems with report functions.


For measurement and automation tasks that have special requirements, Delphin delivers complete systems with options and functions to enable optimal adaptation to any application.

Complete systems are supplied with the corresponding software and are therefore ready for immediate use.