Flowline enables industrial manufacturers, chemical distributors, municipalities and energy or food providers to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid and solid assets.

Our quality solutions measure tank inventories, automate tank processes, ensure workplace safety and protect the environment.

We design, manufacture and market the best level measurement and control instruments for your chemical, water, wastewater, oil and dry solid applications.

Flowline products are sold and supported worldwide through our stocking distribution partners.

Our customers include design engineers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, facility operations, engineering and maintenance decision makers.

The leading criteria for product selection are reliability, ease of use, availability and quality. We do your level best through our commitment to innovation, satisfaction and improvement.

Why Flowline

Flowline has twenty five years of proven success in level measurement and control applications.

We understand your requirements, offer a breadth of reliable measurement technologies, and readily share our application expertise.

Level Measurement


Best for Corrosive Small to Medium Tank or Sump Applications

These non-contact sensors are the reliable level measurement solution for your ambient storage, day tank, chemical feed, skid or machine, sump and neutralization applications.


Ultrasonic is unaffected by liquid characteristics that cause contact sensing technologies to fail or require ongoing maintenance. These include corrosive, dirty, coating or scaling type liquids. If you have an ambient, foamless application and require non-contact level measurement, then you want ultrasonic with Reflective Technology™.


Pulse Radar Liquid Level Transmitters

Best for Difficult Bulk Tank, Process or Sump Applications

These non-contact sensors are the reliable level measurement solution for your most demanding storage, process and lift station applications.


Pulse radar is unaffected by process conditions that cause other sensing technologies to fail or require ongoing maintenance.

These include foam, vapor, condensation, corrosion, temperature, pressure, vacuum, and coating or scaling liquids.

80 GHz Radar Sensors | Liquid & Solids | General Purpose


The intrinsically safe or general purpose level switch package provides liquid level detection up to 10’ (3m) with 1-4 adjustable level switch points and a compact junction box for wiring termination.

Offered in three sensor technologies, choose the type based upon your application media.

Select ultrasonic for chemicals and light weight oils; vibration for wastewater with light coating or scaling; and buoyancy for clean water and non-coating chemicals.

This PP level switch package is selected for day tank, skid or machine, cooling tower, waste sump or process tank applications, connected to a PLC or remote relay controller.


The general purpose AC or DC powered tank or silo level controller displays engineering units with one 4-20 mA level transmitter and is offered in three configurations with optional two or four programmable relays and an isolated 4-20 mA repeater.

Each relay can be configured on a single set point as a high or low level alarm, or latched on two set points for automatic fill or empty control in simplex or duplex modes.

Select this panel mount controller for use with general purpose two or three-wire level sensors. For field mount installation, add a single or double NEMA box with optional flash and/or audible alarm.