Fuji Electric-Hakko Electronics

Fuji Electric (FE) overtook operator panels (HMI) from another well-known Japanese company – Hakko electronics. Basic concept is the connectivity to PLCs, inverters and other automation devices. Many vendors are listed thus making it possible to build bridges between different systems with an added value of an HMI.

One direction is also low cost represented by TECHNOSHOT panels 7" or 10". However, their features are very similar to higher models. The other trend is the integration of special features like capacitive touch display, WiFi, VPN router etc.

Special topic bound to the VPN router is usage of cloud services of Fuji Electric which expands remote access and service functionality and thus creates a new category, so called WMI (web machine interface).


Fuji Electric's HMI operator panels provide exceptional features, including remote monitoring capabilities and connectivity to popular PLCs including over 20 Ethernet drivers and 8 field bus options. FE offer a wide range of displays to suit everything from basic projects to more advanced applications.

Web Machine Interface (VPN)

Introducing the features of Web Machine Interface (WMI) is a next step of a common HMI functionality. The system consisting of “VPN remote access service" and "cloud data service" of Fuji Electric company or customer’s own server system.