Sciengate Automation is a FullFact partner. Our OEE Toolkit Suite makes it possible to analyze machine effectiveness within discrete, batch and continuous production processes. This software suite, which consists out of OEE Toolkit and four optional OEE Toolkit modules, will enable you to interpret your losses and start improving production effectiveness for continuous improvement – based on facts and figures.



High production costs?

Want to lower your production costs? OEE helps you.

No common language?

Not everyone on the same page? OEE redefines.

Constant priority struggle?

Struggling with right priorities and ROI? OEE ranks them.

Unpleasant surprises?

Unpredictable production results? OEE increases clarity.

At the of our OEE Toolkit

The heart of our OEE Toolkit Suite is OEEblue (OEE Toolkit 7.0). The factory analyzer, the core which will provide all parties with relevant information. It also provides detailed insights into what happened during each shift and allows retrospective or real-time manual data entry.

There are five reasons why this solution is being used by so many manufacturers, plants and production lines:

  • Intuitive to use – for shop floor and management
  • Highly customizable to any equipment and situation
  • Powerful – huge amounts of data turned into powerful information in real time
  • Simple to expand to multiple production lines and plants
  • Implemented within 24 hours, first results within 24 days and ROI as of 24 weeks