OEEblue will make lives easier

Prioritize opportunities

OEEblue measures all production data accurately and automatically, semi-automatic or manual. It gives you real-time visualised information about any type of manufacturing equipment.

OEEblue tracks losses and reports the effect on daily productivity. Our solution helps you to prioritize the continuous stream of opportunities for improvement. OEEblue will make life easier and offers you many powerful features. We name a few and are happy to show you more.

  • Precise - OEEblue has a feature called Shift Scheduler, which works with predefined shifts, to be used for rapid identification of shift data. Even unmanned operations can be monitored. This will reduce causes of failure and guarantees that each shift is recorded right to the minute.
  • Easy-to-use - Remote Collect is the widely appreciated easy-to-use operator panel, to be used for semi- and fully automated data-entry and direct feedback at the machine.
  • Reliable - To increase the reliability of your data, we created roles. Only the people with authorized access will be able to make changes to data. Our User Access Control allows you to freely create roles and rights within your organization, for example for administrators, key users, production supervisors and operators.