Pavone Sistemi

We provide you with electronic weighing solutions

We have been leader in the weighing and measuring sector for 60 years. They provide load cells, weight transmitters, weight displays, platform scales, crane scales and customized load cells. Pavone Systems solutions are applied in all industrial sectors: steel, metallurgy, and paint, tanneries, cement factories, paper mills, and glass, pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical, food processing and packaging industries. The quality o is 100% reliable since it is certified by ISO 9001: 2015.

Weighing System


Pavone Sistemi provides variance of load cell swith integrated solutions for weighing, process control and measurement serving major industrial sectors and R&D, worldwide.


In industrial applications, it is not uncommon that it is necessary to detect the weight of very large objects. The solution needed in these cases is constituted by the weighing platforms, systems where the platform supports the object to be weighed and transmits its load to the cells below, that measure synchronously to provide the precise value. In this way, the weighing platforms work like huge scales, with all the precision and robustness required by their use and by the loads which have to manage. Of particular interest, for strength and resistance to damage, there are definitely the weighing platforms in stainless steel. The typical use of stainless steel weighing platforms is for those situations where the device must operate in particularly aggressive environments or in food and pharmaceutical fields.


There are many cases, especially in the steel industry, in engineering, in warehouses, in the chemical and food industries, in which we must weigh hanging loads very significant in terms of weight. Our dynamometers, available with a wide range of versions, capacities and options. Equipped with weight indicator display and equipped with wi-fi technology to communicate in real time with remote devices.


The weighing systems are now essential in all industries, from chemical to steel, from food to pharmaceutical, and they make it possible the control and plan the production with an unprecedented accuracy. But weighing systems for the industry does not only consist of devices that perform effectively the weighing process: there are many other instruments, from weight indicators, to transmitters, to dosing/batching tools, which help to complete the framework, allowing the weighing systems to be not only great "scales" but real active components of a production plant.