Solartron Metrology

As major global sensor manufacturers, Solartron Metrology covers a wealth of sensor technology for displacement measurement in many different industries and applications.

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Constantly evolving our range of metrology and measurement sensors and transducers for a greater variety of linear measurement applications, we have the technology, the commitment and the resources to help you conduct accurate precision measurement, using a wide range of digital displacement transducers and analogue gauging probes.

Whether it's an inductive sensor, touch probe, non contact transducers or an LVDT sensor that you need, Solartron can offer a linear measurement sensor solution customised specifically to suit customer requirements.

Gauging Solution

Orbit® ACS -
Automation and Control System

The Orbit® digital displacement and gauging sensors combines the proven reliability of LVDT type sensors with increased performance. Through a process of continual development Solartron has improved the LVDT resulting in a gauge probe that is both accurate and extremely robust while offering excellent value.

Orbit is not just about LVDT type sensors, Solartron offer many other Orbit products that allow 3rd party sensors to be easily integrated to form a measurement system, for example LVDT type gauge probes can be combined with rotary encoders to allow profiling of components such as crankshafts.

Displacement Sensor

Solartron Metrology contact digital gauging probes or displacement sensors provide the gauge builder with the most cost-effective solution for a range of dimensional precision measurement and positioning applications.

Solartron Metrology provides a precision measurement straight out of the box. Combining multiple sensors using the Orbit Digital Measurement network is easy and data can be read using a Solartron readout or the Gauge Computer Software making system integration simple.

Solartron Metrology offers a large range of displacement sensors to suit multiple applications with different cable outlets (radial or axial), multiple measuring ranges, different cable types like steel braided which provides additional protection for displacement sensors that are being used in harsh environments, different tip force for available for different application which only Solartron offer ultra-feather touch tip force which as low as 3g.

Solartron Metrology also have special design LVDT transducer to fit in your application such as block gauge and flexure probe.

Orbit® Modules
and Gateways

Orbit Digital
Display meter


Orbit Software