We provide wireless IOT solution for production monitoring, wireless sensors network for vibration monitoring and wireless data transmission from PATLITE, Beanair GmbH and Exemys.

Beanair GmbH,Exemys and PATLITE, a leading company in sensing technology, offers outstanding wireless sensor networks (WSN) technology shaping the future of Industrial IOT. Our comprehensive product range offers flexible options for implementing wireless industrial communication solutions. Suitable wireless systems are available for a wide range of interfaces.

Benefit from our market leadership in IoT, 5G and connectivity management coupled with our aaS IoT platform (IoT Accelerator) that brings scalability and enables ecosystems in order to reduce barrier-to-entry and unleash the IoT business potential for telecom service providers.

Additionally, our Smart Wireless Manufacturing solution helps redefine factories and speed up Industry 4.0. Secure wireless connectivity empowers Industrial IoT, enabling a scaled and secure adoption of diverse and critical IoT devices and sensors.

The Automotive industry is frontrunners in IoT and we are offering an award-winning Connected Vehicle portfolio directly to automotive OEMs.


PATLITE Batam Factory - WD Application

Patlite Thailand WD Success Story


Data Acquisition, data logger


Environment Monitoring


Condition Monitoring


Test and Measurement