Today, big changes are seen in the field of manufacturing. As quality increases, the demand for cost-cutting and production facility improvement with a turnkey solution, and so on, is increasing. To that end, PATLITE promotes its “visualization” technology to display information that was originally “not visible” by offering labor-saving and safety in manufacturing, such as increased production efficiency, information communication and remote monitoring. We will use technical innovation to develop new products and establish global standards to create added values for the purpose of satisfying sophisticated and diversified needs.

WD Wireless Data
Acquisition System

Connect your existing equipment, regardless of brand or age, to your network with PATLITE network signaling solutions. Our network solutions are designed to not only deliver superior visual and audible signals but also make it easy to collect critical machine data, send and receive network commands, and monitor your processes remotely and in real-time.

  1. Signal Tower with WD transmitter installs easily on equipment
  2. WD receiver acts as a data bridge between transmitters and PCs
  3. Receive raw equipment data for export to CSV file



IOT Solution from the factory to the office.


  1. Surveillance System Monitoring - Monitor your network and notify remote personnel of any abnormalities.
  2. Network Existing Equipment - Integrate existing equipment to the network to achieve visibility of your entire workplace.
  3. Real-Time Network Monitoring -Monitor nodes on multiple networks, and notify personnel by visual, audible, and email alerts when status changes occur.
  4. Remote Monitoring of Equipment - Use various protocols for enhanced communication within your entire network.