Sciengate offers an extensive array of force sensors and weighing loadells from various brands. Our solution ranges from subminiature force sensors to high capacity loadcells enable us to be the preferred one stop supplier on any load and weighing applications.We can supply custom made loadcell for MRO and special projects and custom fit a wireless solution if there is a requirement.

Compression Load Cells

Compression type load cell is essentially a block that is designed to be placed under a loading surface to measure compression forces.  To a certain degree, with the right mounting mechanism it can be used to for weighing application.

Range :  100N to 500 Ton

Accuracy :  From +/-  0.1% of full scale

Suitable for : Insertion monitoring, Press Force Monitoring, Vessel Weighing and Center of Gravity


Load Pins

Load pins are designed to replace clevis, pulley  and pivot pins.  The load sensing capability of the pins allows measurement on load without compromising on the safety aspect.  Load pins can be custom build to fit into a wide range of diameter and force ranges.

Range :  500kg to 1500 Ton

Accuracy :  Up to 1% of full scale

Suitable for : Winch Force Monitoring, Overload protecting in hoisting application, Mooring Tension Monitoring and Cable and Wire Dynamometer

Options :  ATEX, Dual Bridge, Integrated amplifier, Digital Output


Tension Load Cells

Tension load cells are design to measure the tensile load.  Tension load cells are used in material testing, weighing of hoppers or tank via handing method.  Available tension load cells are typically S Beam, Inline Load cells, Load Monitoring Links, Pancakes  to name a few.

Range :  1 lb to 100T

Accuracy :

  • From 0.02%
  • High IP Rating

Suitable for : Material Testing, Hanging Scales, Process Weighing and General Force Measurement


Wireless Load Cells

Transform conventional force monitoring into a wireless load cell solution.  Wireless load cells can be provided in the form of integrated wireless shackles, load pins and wireless load link or can be adapted into any existing wired load cell.

Features :

  • Wirelessly monitor single to multiple load points
  • License Free 2.4GHz ISM band
  • Coverage distance of up to 200 meters.

Weighing Load Cells

Weighing load cells by design provides high accuracy that complies to the OIML standard in addition to protection against lateral forces.  Suitable load cells designs include off center, shear beam and double ended shear beam.  With the addition of suitable mounting kit, a reliable and high accuracy weighing system can be guaranteed.

Features :

  • Shear beam, Off Center, Double Ended and Low Profile Design
  • Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Specialised Coating for extreme harsh environment
  • Atex certified for Zone 0, 1 and 2

Weight transmitter, indicators and amplifer

Choose from the wide range of instrumentation.  Available options includes  handled instruments, DIN rail mounted, panel mounted or USB technology.

Features :

  • Fieldbus capable :  Ethernet IP, Profinet, EtherCat, Modbus TCP and RTU
  • Atex Certified
  • High sampling and High Resolution





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