Anhui Ronds Science & Technology Incorporated Company, or RONDS for short, is a pioneer and leader in the field of equipment intelligent operation and maintenance. Founded in 2007 in Hefei, China, RONDS has a vision to make the industry better with its innovative solutions and services.

RONDS has a complete range of products and technologies that can monitor, diagnose, and optimize the performance of industrial equipment. Whether it is wireless or wired, online or offline, RONDS can handle it all. RONDS also has a strong team of experts who can provide remote diagnosis and support for various scenarios.

RONDS has a proven track record of serving more than 1,000 clients from different sectors, such as power, petrochemical, steel, mining, cement, water, and paper. RONDS is not only a trusted partner in China, but also a global player with a presence in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. RONDS is committed to helping the industry achieve intelligent and digital transformation with its world-class solutions and services

Online Wireless Condition Monitoring

Wired Condition Monitoring

Portable Condition Monitoring

Software Condition Monitoring

Online Wireless
Condition Monitoring

Transform your maintenance practiced into PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE with Conditioned Base Monitoring

  • Remove the guesswork of when your machine will be down with data driven analysis
  • Achieve more uptime by knowing when your machine will fail
  • Reduce your TOTAL MAINTENANCE COST by replacing parts when it is broken

Condition Monitoring


  • Monitor your machinery real-time condition.
  • Predict machinery failure to avoid unplanned downtime.
  • Reduce Maintenance costs.
  • Provide data support for making maintenance plans.
  • Increase machinery life and enhance machinery reliability.

Condition Monitoring

The RH712 vibration analyzer is an intelligent Wi-Fi enabled device with a touchscreen, making it user-friendly. Offers various analysis tools, including trend analysis, time waveform, spectrum, time demodulation, etc. to perform precise vibration analysis.

Condition Monitoring

  • Webpage, can view machine condition anytime, anywhere.
  • Tree structure, Easy to check by administrators
  • SMS/Email notifications, stay alert for machine conditions anywhere.
  • Intelligent Machinery Condition Monitoring Solution.
  • Intelligent alarm and response system.