Sciengate Automation (M) Sdn Bhd provides economical belt weighing solutions.  Monitor and track your productivity of your material usage in your process line with Pavone MC353 Belt Transmitter and Regulator controller.

Dynamic Weighing touchscreen flow regulator for w. belt (2)
  • Track your flowrate in kg/hr or tonne/hr.
  • Regulate your flowrate to achieve continuous product delivery with the build in PID Regulator function.
  • Totalize the amount of weight used in your process.

The MC353 control unit has the following features:

- Weight totalization output;
- Conveyed weight total preset and set output;
- Generic alarm output;
- Flow rate out of tolerance alarm output;
- Flow rate output equal to 0;
- Retroaction analogue output (0÷10V;0÷5V, 0÷20 mA; 4÷20 mA);
- Flow rate proportional optional analogue output;
- Optional analogue input for setting-up the flow rate;
- Inputs for the selection of 15 preset set points;
- Conveyed weight reset input;
-Selection of the instrument state from manual to automatic and vice versa by means of the keyboard, from the instrument rear side through external contact, and by means of serial communication protocol;
- Serial communication protocol, Ethernet included;
- Optional USB HOST port with USB pen drive interface.

Our dynamic belt weighing solutions can be adapted into your existing line with minimum modification.

Sciengate Automation (M) Sdn Bhd provides consultation, technical know how and project start up to ensure you have a reliable and accurate belt weighing solutions.


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