New Delphin Technology Software: ProfiSignal 20 5

ProfiSignal 20 is the new and modern complete software for applications in the field of data acquisition and analysis, visualization and process control. With ProfiSignal 20 you can now visualise and analyse your measured data platform-independently and monitor and control your processes without any effort.


Platform independent software for measuring and testing technology

ProfiSignal 20 is highly user friendly and combines versatile functionality with first-class usability. Profi Signal 20 is logically structured and easy to understand regardless of whether you are processing just a few or a few thousand channels.

You can use the measurement software on the desktop PC in your office or on the measurement computer in the control center. Due to its future-oriented platform independence, ProfiSignal 20 can also be used on tablets and smartphones. No matter what your individual requirements are: ProfiSignal 20 impresses with innovative possibilities that make your work much easier and also save a lot of time.

ProfiSignal 20 is modular, scalable and available in two versions:

  • ProfiSignal 20 Go takes you from measurement data to detailed graphical portrayals in just a few clicks.
  • ProfiSignal 20 Basic lets you create sophisticated and detailed visualisations of installations and processes while also enabling easy process control.

Perfect operation on all levels


ProfiSignal 20 maps the structures completely. From the production hall overview to each individual machine or plant. From the test laboratory to the respective test stand. It could not be easier or more transparent. If you use your mobile devices, no matter where you are, with ProfSignal 20 you can check the current operating parameters of individual plant sections or machines. Thanks to the new SCACH function, you only need to scan an individual QR code attached to each machine with the camera of your smartphone or tablet, and a single measurement diagram or even the complete plant visualisation appears on your mobile device. In this way, you only have to run to the parts of the machine whose measured values you are currently interested in and the relevant data can be displayed without any effort. You can also use the same ProfiSignal 20 project to display the data on your desktop PC.

The highlight of ProfiSignal 20 is its complete platform independence - the same project is available on any end devices, each optimized with regard to the display and operating concept of the respective platform. No matter where and how you want to access your processes - ProfiSignal 20 offers the optimal solution for all applications.

Product features from ProfiSignal 20

  • Graphical portrayals for a wide range of applications
  • Powerful measurement data portrayals with instant and smooth transition between live and historical data
  • From measurement data to graphical portrayal in just three steps using ProfiSignal 20 Go
  • Visualising installations and processes without any programming required using ProfiSignal 20 Basic
  • Fully platform independent - optimised for desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Modern interfaces and operating designs - adapted to the look and feel of the relevant platform
  • Beginner and expert modes to match individual needs

Software Feature Details

ProfiSignal 20 Go

Fast project planning and analysis of measurement data

ProfiSignal 20 Go enables you, in just a few steps, to visualise both online and offline measurement data in various types of diagram, to monitor the data, analyse it, archive it as a measurement file, and export it in the required file format.

New Delphin Technology Software: ProfiSignal 20 1

ProfiSignal 20 Go functions:

  • Measurement data acquisition and storage
  • Visualisation of measurement data in on- and offline diagrams
  • Measurement data analysis and processing
  • Data export and reporting

Already during the running measurement you can access historical measured values without interruption, for example to compare them with the current test. With the help of various statistics functions, data areas to be examined can be marked and directly analyzed.

Optimized data handling

The recorder function simplifies the execution of experiments, enables direct comparison between different experiment sequences and is required for batch processes. The recorder function generates a measurement data file, which can also be easily sent by e-mail for further evaluation.

New Delphin Technology Software: ProfiSignal 20 2

With the multi-track diagram, you can link several measurement curves with the same time axis, e.g. for direct comparison of analog and digital signals.

With the SCACH function, you can connect directly to your machine with your smartphone or tablet via WLAN and start the data visualization, simply by scanning the QR code attached to the machine. Unnecessary detours for the measurement data are thus avoided and failure and safety risks are minimized.

Product features

  • Multi-track diagrams for linking several diagrams on the same time axis, e.g. to directly compare analog and digital signals
  • SCACH function - one scan is sufficient to open the correct diagram
  • Just a few clicks are required to go from measurement data to graphical portrayal
  • Monitoring and analysis of any measurement data from different sources (hardware and software)
  • Single and multi-axis y(t) diagrams with the option for simultaneous display and analysis of different measured variables
  • Statistical evaluation and on- and offline calculation functions
  • Smooth zoom function from full overviews to high-resolution μ-seconds ranges
  • Data export in CSV, Diadem or WAV formats
  • Simplified performance of trials/experiments and batch processes with the user-friendly recorder function
ProfiSignal 20 Basic

Visualisation and control

New Delphin Technology Software: ProfiSignal 20 3

ProfiSignal 20 Basic enables you to create individualised visualisations using a diverse range of operating and monitoring elements. Both continuous processes (e.g. production data acquisition) and non-continuous measurement tasks (e.g. test measurements) can be visualised, operated and monitored without any programming effort being necessary. Operating and monitoring visualisations can be created by assembling and configuring ready-made elements.

All ProfiSignal 20 Go functions, including the different diagram types as well as analysis and export functions, are all included in ProfiSignal 20 Basic to complete the functionality of your ProfiSignal 20 Basic application.

ProfiSignal 20 Basic functions:

  • Visualising installations and processes
  • Operating and monitoring installations and processes

Monitoring and process control

New Delphin Technology Software: ProfiSignal 20 4

In addition to the visualization and analysis of measured values, many users need a simple way to monitor and control their processes. The use of ProfiSignal 20 Basic, which in addition to pure measured value display and analysis also has functions for process visualization and control, is of great advantage in this respect.

ProfiSignal 20 Basic offers the possibility to create individual process visualizations and dashboards without programming effort using a wide range of operating and monitoring elements. Many ready-made display elements such as analog, circular and bargraph displays, digital displays, LEDs and labeling fields, but also geometric objects such as line, rectangle, circle and arrow are available for this purpose.

Interaction with the process is possible by means of various control elements such as input field, slide switches and buttons. As a special feature, an object designer is included with which object clusters composed of several basic elements can be created. This simplifies the creation of extensive projects as well as several similar visualization projects.

ProfiSignal 20 Basic is designed to create projects for the individual platforms in different versions. For this purpose, a frame is displayed when editing each version, which limits the available space. The user can now decide for himself which visualization elements should be used for each platform and how they should be positioned. This makes it easy to use the same project on different end devices and at different locations.

Product features

  • Intuitive diagram creation with no programming effort necessary
  • Ready-made operating and monitoring elements included
  • Analogue displays, circular displays, bar graphs
  • Digital displays, signal lamps
  • Geometrical objects and text fields
  • All diagram types from ProfiSignal 20 Go
  • Images
  • Working-copy concept allows project adjustments during operation
  • Direct access to mobile-device cameras to integrate background images
  • SCACH function - one scan is sufficient to open the correct project
  • Object designer for combined objects
  • Multiple versions of one project - optimised for different device types