High-performance controller for inductive displacement sensors and gauges 1

Micro-Epsilon has enhanced its product range of inductive sensor controllers with two models. These new induSENSOR MSC7602 and MSC7802 multi-channel systems can be combined with multiple inductive displacement sensors and gauges. They open up a wide range of applications in the fields of automation and machine building while offering an optimal price/performance ratio. In addition, the MSC7602 enables the connection of up to 124 channels while a DIN rail housing allows for the controller to be directly integrated into a control cabinet.

High-performance controller for inductive displacement sensors and gauges

These new inductive controllers for displacement sensors and gauges are universal and robust. Combined with the LVDT and LDR sensors, the MSC7x02 controller series enables high application versatility for displacement measurement and geometrical testing in machine building and automation. Their optimal price/performance ratio also makes the controllers suitable for low, medium and high quantities.


Laser micrometer for limited installation space

The optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) optical micrometers combine a compact design with a lens angled by 90° in a unique way. This enables full flexibility with regards to the installation position. The precision micrometers detect diameter, gaps and segmentation of objects. A user-friendly web interface is used to perform set up and configuration, which enables readings and limit values to be displayed as well as the selection and application of filters. A video signal is available to configure the measurement task.

Capacitive sensors for industrial measurement tasks

Capacitive displacement sensors mainly determine changes in displacement and position of conductive objects. Here, Micro-Epsilon applies its long-standing know-how in the development of innovative capaNCDT sensors. This is how these sensors, which were originally assigned for use in clean environments, have become a reliable alternative for industrial measurement tasks.


Non-destructive measurement of clear coat layers on PCBs

In order to protect PCBs from environmental influences, they are coated with a thin protective clear varnish. This avoids malfunction which might be caused by humidity. Confocal sensors from Micro-Epsilon enable non-contact and non-destructive thickness measurement which can at the same time reduce risks. High-precision IFS2405 sensors have a measuring range of 1 mm and a measurement spot size of just 8 µm. The varnish thickness to be measured is between 30 and 200 µm. Changing substrates consisting of CU conductor paths, passivation layers and the PCB surface do not influence the measurement results.