New: Confocal chromatic sensor with high tilt angle 1
New_ Compact confocal chromatic sensor

Confocal chromatic sensors

Numerous applications can be solved using different sensor models. As well as standard sensors for high precision measurement tasks, miniature sensors with axial and radial measurement directions are also available. The sensors have a passive design and so do not radiate any heat onto the target, which enables them, depending on the model, to be used in different environments e.g. in a vacuum.

New: Compact, confocal 90° sensor for precise distance measurements – confocalDT IFS2404/90-2



  • Measuring range 2 mm
  • Linearity max. 1 µm
  • Resolution 0.040 µm
  • For applications involving large quantities
  • 90° lens for installation in restricted spaces

New: Confocal chromatic sensor with high tilt angle – confocalDT IFS2407-3



  • Measuring range (mm): 3
  • Linearity: max. 0.75 µm
  • Resolution: max. 20 nm
  • Large offset distance approx. 28 mm
  • Max. tilt angle ± 30°
  • Ideal for measurements on curved and reflecting surfaces