Ultrasonic Level Measurement 1

Sciengate Automation Malaysia offers the most reliable and cost effective solutions for ultrasonic level measurement. Flowline solution for measurement and control of chemical, waste, and ultrapure liquids.

Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement


When a Midwest heavy equipment construction company needed reliable level measurement of their portable diesel storage tanks, they turned to Flowline. The firm deploys field operation centers and infrastructure to support their road and sewer projects. The centers are powered by generators and each site is data linked over long range WIFI. The system integrator explained that fuel outages had caused painful downtime. The site operators wanted to replace the pop-up level indicators with continuous measurement and push the data for proactive inventory management. For insurance compliance, they also needed intrinsic safety. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our EchoTouch ultrasonic level sensor. The ultrasonic sensors provide reliable level data to their headquarters which monitors inventories and dispatches truck replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.

Ink Dispensing System Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement


When a Southeast manufacturer of dispensing systems needed reliable level measurement of their batch tanks, they turned to Flowline. Their client, a food packaging company, required new dispensing systems for their solvent based inks. The project specification called for non-contact level measurement, redundant high level spill prevention, and intrinsic safety approvals due to the flammable solvent. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our reflective ultrasonic sensors in the ink mix tanks, radar sensors in the solvent storage tanks due to vapor, and Switch-Pak ultrasonic switches in each tank for alarming. The corrosion resistant sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC, which controls the batching, dispensing and inventory replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.

Fertigation Storage Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement


When a California avocado farmer needed reliable level measurement of their liquid fertilizer storage tanks, they turned to Flowline. Located in remote Northeast San Diego County, the farm has two wells and automated drip irrigation. To increase fruit vigor and yield, the trees require nitrogen and zinc throughout the grow season. So, they mix, store and inject liquid fertilizers at each well site. Given their locale, the chemical delivery cost is high and must be scheduled well in advance. The farm manager said that the previous float level switches would corrode and fail every six months, resulting in fertilizer outages. He needed a reliable level switch that would alarm at 50% and 25% of tank capacity. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our non-contact, corrosion resistant ultrasonic sensors with integral relays and control logic. The ultrasonic sensors provide reliable switching to the wireless SCADA that transmits alarms to the farm shop. Flowline is reliable level measurement.