Load cells and mounting brackets for Silo Tank Weighing System

Pavone Weighing Systems provides weighing solutions in related to the weighing machinery industry for weighing silos and tanks.


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Load cells and mounting brackets for Silo Tank Weighing System


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Living in the industry like livestock farm, construction, chemistry etc business which needs to consume bulk material every day, a reliable silo/tank /hopper weighing system will be one of the priority considering.

You are able to integrate our load cell to existing system or machine. We also provided the solution for installation and mounting to pro-long the life time of our load cell so that your company would not have to worry on the long run process and save money. Our mounting kit can be applied for our entire load cell model.

Demonstration Video

Weighing Systems Installation

In this video, Pavone explain the correct installation of a weighing system.

  1. Correct installation of DDR load cells with Mounting Kit.
  2. Correct installation of shear beam load cells with Mounting Kit MKX.
  3. Anti-tilting effect: the anti-tilting system is guaranteed by the lateral bolts and by the high thickness of the stainless plates, which contribute to give strength and longevity to the weighing system.
  4. Simultaneous connection of load cells via Junction Box.
  5. TESTER 1008: multifunctional calibrator capable of calibrating weighing instruments and diagnosing any damage in the functioning of the weighing system.


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